Reykjavik City Tour

The City on the Smoky Bay

Tour information

Get to know the real Reykjavik on this exclusive guided tour, giving you an extensive overview of the interesting history and culture of the city on the smoky bay. Starting off by exploring the historic streets of downtown and learning about the city‘s past, we will then go on to explore all of the major sights, including the iconic Hallgrímskirkja church, Höfði House (where the Presidents Reagan and Gorbatsjov met to end the cold war), the glittering Perlan on top of the hill, and some other hidden spots around the city.

We finish off the tour with a drive out to the tip of the Seltjanarnes peninsula and the Grótta lightouse, a beautiful location and one of the less visited locations in town. By the end of the tour, you will have gained a greater appreciation for the cosmopolitan Reykjavik, northernmost capital in the world.

As with all our tours, we focus on environmentally friendly travel. This means smaller tour groups in the city and stops at some underappreciated sights along the way.

Duration: 3-4 hr.

Offered all year round.

1-7 passengers: 30.000 ISK in total
8-15 passengers: 45.000 ISK in total