• 5 star ratingGO WITH THEM! Green Energy Travel is a company that refreshingly still brings the small group personalized feeling to a tour. It is a family run business. Our tour guide picked us up on time and took up on the Golden Circle and Blue Lagoon tour. This is the ONLY tour I could find that did it in the right order: starting with the Golden Circle and ending with a relaxing time at the Blue Lagoon (instead of starting the day off wet with crazy hair and then going on a picturesque tour). Our guide told us folklore and history along the way. When he saw how excited we were to glimpse Icelandic ponies, he stopped so that we could go and meet... read more

    Eileen J Avatar Eileen J
  • 5 star ratingGolden Circle and Secret Lagoon Evening Tour This tour was fantastic! Magnus was a great guide, with stories and secret spots along the route. The weather was rainy and cold, so everyone else cancelled, and we ended up with a private tour! The waterfalls were spectacular and the Secret Lagoon was so relaxing. We ran into 2 girls out in the countryside that had rented a tent and couldn't figure out how to put it up, and were near their breaking point, as the company wasn't answering their phone and it was getting late. While other tour operators might not even be bothered, Magnus made sure we didn't mind if the tour ran later than expected, and with our okay, we all pitched in and got the... read more

    Nicole C Avatar Nicole C
  • 5 star ratingGreat Golden Circle and Blue Lagoon tour with Green Energy An New Years Day, we took a Golden Circle and Blue Lagoon tour with Green Energy Travel! We liked it because it was going to be a smaller, more personal tour -- and we got just that! We loved our tour guide, and we had a fantastic tour! As we were driving, my daughter saw some Icelandic horses and commented, and our tour guide just stopped and let us have a few moments with the horses! You would not get that kind of service in a bigger tour. He also took us to several smaller sights that would not be included in bigger tours! Highly recommend this group, we had a fabulous day!

    MarianMariana Avatar MarianMariana
  • 5 star ratingA golden circle tour with secret lagoon Magnus is a very kind person - he even stepped out of the car to offer to take a picture of us.

    We were picked up on time and told a lot of interesting stories about Iceland - how it works and its folklore, including the jokes! A very informative guide who's happy to answer questions.

    I hope one day we will see a new green vegan tour with emphasis on the conservation of nature and animals, and perhaps vegan lunch suggestions.

    Thank you, Magnus, it was very nice to meet you and we loved your tour.

    VeganFuture1234 Avatar VeganFuture1234

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